A downloadable game for Windows

Obusite will take you on a thrilling adventure. As a misguided little child, sneak your way through this out of time place and flee from its occupant. He's not what he seems and will do anything to keep you in those walls.


Play with a controller for a better experience !

This game is a tribute to LN made in a month and half within Technocité structure. It has no commercial purpose yet



Development log


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Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines! 

GRANPA TRYNA take pics of me!

Good game!

A-YOOOOOO! This game definitely got me in the beginning but was absolutely amazing the entire way through ! Keep up the dope work man!

I really loved this game. It really does have the spirit of little nightmares. Everyone if you enjoy LN, then play this. I hope you continue to work on this. Such great designs too. 

Check 1:00

Put on a good show, the camera is on you!

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Really Enjoyed the game!

Thank you ! :)


I really liked the music in this game. and I highly recommend everyone to  use a controller while playing.
but I feel like the animation could definitely use some work. other than that everything is amazing. 

Thank you for your feedback and playing the game ! Yes controller is highly recommended !


Does movement in keyboard is zqsd? Why not wasd and ijkl or arrows to analogic? Nice, it seems good game. Try to left to players chooses the keys in keyboard, it just a suggest. In option like old games done. Setup opened to players choices.

Hi ! Thank you for your feedback ! The game is set for Azerty and Qwerty keyboards for now.
But its a good suggestion, thank you !

Thanks, nice game! Congratulations. I didn't play yet, but I'll try. Forgive me my bad english. Once I try I'll make a video and share with you. Thanks for share this amazing game. I was watching guys play, pretty cool. :D

As a person who is in love with the Little Nightmares franchise I can easily say I love this game! I want to know so much more! I really hope that you’re continuing this story and i hope we get to see it soon ahaha

I’m YungMuShu! I’m a content creator with a primary focus on any Indie or Itchio! I hope you enjoy the video!

Thank you a lot for playing and sharing the game ! :D

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘

Thank for playing our game :D

I enjoyed this game very much!


Thank you ! :D

One the greatest games in this site just played it in Greek!!!!!


Thank you so much ! :D 

We need a part 2 of the game!!!!

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If there's anything that Obusite does right it's the art direction. Almost every room is dripping with detail and atmosphere that I almost thought I was playing Little Nightmares again.

There are some bugs with the gameplay. Ranging from climbing not working or the old man getting stuck in the chase sequences. These are extremely minor problems though.

Overall, a really well crafted indie horror game. I'm excited to see what you'll do next. 

I played this as part of a pack of 8 Itch.io games on my Twitch channel 

Thanks a lot for your feedback ! Really happy to read that you liked it !

Obusite | The strange old man whose face is combined with the camera, as soon as the camera is captured will be trapped in the photo forever!

What a great game, beautiful graphics and great controls. I would love to see more gameplay continuing this story.

Thank you ! 

Gostei muito de jogar e fiz uma otima gameplay, tudo que vi e fantástico e incrível , aguardo a parte 2, jogabilidade fácil, enredo e trilhas sonoras perfeitas, enfim você fez um ótimo trabalho!


Muito obrigado ! :D


Little Nightmares, Inside, and now Obusite.

(Fun Fact: Obusite, according to Google Translate, means "Shell-shocked.")


What an honnor, thank you !

Coïncidence... ? I don't think so ! :D


what a game !!!!!!!!

you do it very well my friend, your game make me hold my breath a minute good job

i really want to see full the game 

keep it up my friend

Thank you !


This was beautiful. I loved every second of it. Just masterfully done. Thank you!


Thanks a lot ! :D

Hello, can you add editable controlls on keyboard? Your preseted controlls are bit complicate. Please

Hi ! Thanks for the feedback, we might look into that !

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Hii guys,Can you gimie...tips?

Edit : [ Uhh also how many time does need to finish? ]

The game takes 20 to 30 minutes to finish but some people take a bit more time :)

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lol the music in this game is great had a blasty blast

Thank you !

Nice game !

Thank you !


This was so awesome! Loved every minute of this! Definitely wasn't expecting the guy having a camera on his face!

Thank you ! We're very happy that you liked it !

You're welcome! It was an amazing experience!!

Muito bom! Com certeza merece um full game, estão de parabéns.
Muito obrigado !

nice nice nice

Thank you thank you thank you !

Muito bom ótimo jogo ele é de graça

Obrigado !
Deleted 16 days ago

Thank you for playing the game !


This Game Has A Alot Of Potential 

This Gave Alot Of Little Nightmares Vibes 

Great Work this Took alot of Talent

Thank you ! :D



Merci !


GREAT game, would love to see more in this universe!


Thank you !


Well Done, this was a really good little platformer.

Don't mind the Lag induced frustrations... Its My Computer...

Thanks ! :D



This gives me little nightmares vibes I love it

Thank you :D

no problem anytime 😊👍🏾


I really loved this game I was upset how it ended I wanted more really wanted to see what was making the big steps and nocking everthing down I also gave you a 5 star keep up the good work

Thank you for the support  ! :D

your welcome

This game is incredible. I really enjoyed the chase sequences and story. Good game

Thank you so much ! :D

Kinda Reminds Me of little Nightmares


It is a tribute for the game !
Thank you !

Well done. I love it

Thanks !

I really enjoyed this! I'm not the most patient person, so I ended up getting pretty angry at some points, but that didn't change how I feel about the game at all. Great monster and level design, interesting story, and looks beautiful. Great work!

Thanks a lot ! :D

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