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Obusite will take you on a thrilling adventure. As a misguided little child, sneak your way through this out of time place and flee from its occupant. He's not what he seems and will do anything to keep you in those walls.


Play with a controller for a better experience !

This game is a tribute to LN made in a month and half within Technocité structure. It has no commercial purpose yet


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GREAT game, would love to see more in this universe!

Well Done, this was a really good little platformer.

Don't mind the Lag induced frustrations... Its My Computer...

Thanks ! :D


This gives me little nightmares vibes I love it

Thank you :D

no problem anytime 😊👍🏾

I really loved this game I was upset how it ended I wanted more really wanted to see what was making the big steps and nocking everthing down I also gave you a 5 star keep up the good work

Thank you for the support  ! :D

your welcome

This game is incredible. I really enjoyed the chase sequences and story. Good game

Thank you so much ! :D

Kinda Reminds Me of little Nightmares


It is a tribute for the game !
Thank you !

Well done. I love it

Thanks !

I really enjoyed this! I'm not the most patient person, so I ended up getting pretty angry at some points, but that didn't change how I feel about the game at all. Great monster and level design, interesting story, and looks beautiful. Great work!

Thanks a lot ! :D


Awesome we need more from you

Thank you !


Good job! ❤️

Thank you ! :D

You're welcome! ❤️



Thank you !


Amazing! Saw a youtuber play; came to donate $$; Loved the Audio/Visuals/Enemy Type/Gameplay.

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Waw ! :o 
Thank you so much for the support ! It means a lot ! :D


This experience was so much fun! The level design is frightfully beautiful and the creature is one of the most unsettling things I've seen this year. Well done, dev! You are true masters of horror.

Thank you so much !
I'm super happy to see that you liked the game ! It's an honnor !


Obusite works really well at capturing the look and feel of Little Nightmares while still feeling like its own thing. After playing, I felt like I was able to make sense of its story, or at least make one or two interpretations. I had some platforming issues, but the overall gameplay was pretty great, especially in the chase scenes.

Great job, devs.

Thank you so much ! Don't hesitate to tell us your take on the story, we love that !

The first thing that comes to mind is perhaps someone with WWI era PTSD, what with the war time sounds, the flashes, and old man. Or maybe dreaming/reliving some bad times related to the era.


great jobs

Thank you  ! :)

I wanna see more of this it's so fun!!!!!!

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I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! You really captured the little nightmares feel while making it original in the process; the best tribute game I had ever had the fortune of playing! Unfortunately, it was very easy to fall down, and grabbing was wonky, but a lot of time has gone into this game clearly! I do wish there were more horror platformers that had a little nightmares concept. I really do hope you make another game like this because this was SOOO good, I had to play it twice! Again, I Loved it!

Thank you  ! :D We are really proud of the result !
It's awesome to see that you liked the game this much ! Thank YOU for playing it ! :D


This was not bad, i got stuck in the bedroom for a bit that made me slightly frustrated, but otherwise is a good game.

The stream was interrupted, so the next part ends at 19 minutes on this video.

Thank you ! :)


Really fun game. Im a big fan of platform games with a horror setting. You did a good job at making the run sequences very tense. I can't wait to see more of it! 

Thank you ! :D


I had a lot of fun playing this, I can see a huge amount of time was put into making the game! If there was one thing to look out for it would be that the character could easily fall off the platforms but other than that amazing graphics and huge tension. Found myself bobbing to the music sometimes too, Good job


Alright, I  love this video from the moment you throw away the teddy bear :'D Thanks for your comment (and video)


Thank you so much for playing ! Glad to hear that you liked it :D

Buen juego chicos me diverti :d

Thank you ! Glad you liked it ! :D

Спасибо за игру мне очень понравилось

Thank you so much for playing the game ! :)

Linda experiencia, buen trabajo de sonido y calidad visual destacable para un indie.


Thank you ! We are very proud to see people enjoying the game !


The game really reminds me of Little Nightmare and I really like that. I definitely get the feeling that the game was build more for a game console controller instead of a keyboard user. But I digress. The game's solid. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. Https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thank you ! :D

It's very well done! I can't even begin to imagine how you managed to get so much work, detail and charme done with such a small team, budget and timeframe. That's really impressive! 

However, I think it's somewhat unfortunate that you copied so many essential beats from Little Nightmares. LN is already a popular, unique and great game. So if you take this much inspiration from it, you had best made sure that you EXCEED the original or put a unique twist to it. Of course, that's gonna be difficult, since LN had a much bigger team and budget, but if you don't surpass LN, it will always breath down this project's neck and even though Obusite is a great game, the presence of LN makes it a "great game, but LN did it somewhat better." And I think your hard work deserves more recognition than that! So I'm excited to see more project in the future from you guys!

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Hi Reineke ! Thanks for your comment ! We're happy you enjoyed the game !
This project is a tribute and to create it, we had to catch the essence of LN and make really hard choices : Art style, Ambiance, OST, ... And the line between tribute and parody is very thin so we are really proud to have reached our goal.

I firstly pitched Obusite to add an ambitious project to my belt and propose it in my portfolio. The idea was to show that I (and my team) could succesfully catch the genre and add my own twist to it : New visuals, new monster, new mecanics, new lore, etc...
The project was also a way to test the team and see if we were efficient together.. We are !
So if it looks like a LN AND its a good game, then we won twice !

The game don't have any commercial purpose and was a project within an educational structure made in a month and half by 7 people.

IF the game has a future we already have plans to get its own identity while preserving this cute/horror vibe  we all love !
Thanks for the support it means a lot ! :D

For now the game should be seen as a tribute and enjoyed as so !


Thanks for taking the time to reply; when I sent that comment, I started getting worried that you might take it the wrong way. But I'm glad you didn't! And I see your motivations now, it all sounds very good and like you know what you're doing. That's great, so I wish you best of luck for the future!! 

interesting and fun game! i feel like if you developed this more refine the visuals and movement alittle bit this could be a pretty amazing game if you plan on building off of it more

Thank you ! We are proud of the result made in a month and half but there's still things to do even before thinking and getting to the ''next'' part of the developpment :)

[Gameplay en español]

Hey! I have really enjoyed this game. The atmosphere, the gameplay and the soundtrack are excellent! reminds me of little nightmares. Good job :)


Hi ! Thank you so much ! :D

Controller bug - R2 opens the start menu instead of grab. Cannot grab items. 

Also, ZQSD for mouse and keyboard????? 

Game looks and sounds amazing, hope to see some control updates

I guess you are using a PS4 controller ? By now we developed the game using an xbox controller. And for the keyboard keys, we are a small team from Belgium so we use an Azerty Keyboard but we are looking to add other keyboards support as soon as possible. And then I hope you will try again our game :D


Hi peccavi, thank you for the feedback ! QWERTY keyboards are now supported :) So you can give Obusite a try ! We hope you'll like it !


Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the visuals, music and sound effects were all great, the monster is very creepy as well, and this is actually a pretty tough game but not as much as being annoying, great job! :)

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Thank you so much for playing it ! Really proud to read that you liked it ! :D 

thank you nice game bro

Thank you for playing our game

Hello been on YouTube a little while new to ichio I do let's plays on YouTube is it  ok if I do a let's play of your game also I am allowed to monetarise it or no I do not mind I would just like to double check

thank you for reading from what I have seen the game look beautiful

Hi ! Yes you can share it and monetize it !
I hope you'll enjoy the game !

Hello friend, I want you to subscribe to my channel, please help me, thank you

Hi ! Thank you for playing the game !


It's a great game! I want a lot of people to know about this game, so I would like to play "Obusite" live on YouTube. Can you allow it? Is it possible to monetize with the partner program?

Hi ! We are very happy to read that you want to take our game to a next level ! Unfortunatly we can't allow ourself to pay for advertisment for the time being ! I hope you'll still play the game (at least for yourself if you want) and enjoy it ! :)

Thank you for your reply! I'm going to live stream my play without monetizing it on the YouTube Partner Program. I hope this wonderful game will be known to many people!

You can still make a YouTube live and we will watch it! But a partner program is still too early for us... Maybe for the future? 

Thank you for your reply! This time, we will only stream the play live. I hope this wonderful game will be known to many people!

Thank you very much that means a lot to us !


What an amazing and challenging game. Little Nightmares' influence is huge here, but you guys added your own twist too. Can't wait to play the full version of this. Congratulations on your work.

Thank you very much ! The whole team is happy to see your feedback, we will work on the rest of the game during the next months. Be patient !

Thank you !
And we can't wait to continue this terrifying adventure with you !


Excellent ! Énorme travail en un mois et demi, de quoi être fier ! Hâte de voir si une suite se prépare !

Merciii !! :D
On l'envisage effectivement mais il faudra être patient ^^

L'horreur ne fait que commencer !

Enjoyed the game. I liked little nightmares, and yours reminded me so much of it. Loved the level design.

Thank you ! The team is really proud and happy to see gamers enjoying the game !

Very cool concept! Reminds me of Little Nightmares.

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Thanks a lot ! Its intended so its nice to see we achieved this result !

The download link does not work.
Error 404

Thanks for the info, it should work now !

Un petit côté " Little Nightmares " de ce que j'en ai vu du trailer. Ce n'est personnellement pas mon genre de jeu mais je vais le proposer à ma compagne qui se fera une joie de parcourir votre jeu. 

En tout cas, le travail sur la lumière est rondement mené. Le tout est visuellement très joli. Je reviens vers vous plus tard pour le gameplay. 

En tout cas : bravo.

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Merci beaucoup !

On espère qu'elle aimera ! N'hésitez pas à revenir nous donner un retour ! :)